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Posted 11/2/2020 by Olivia Holliday

This week has once again been really great, and I have not only progressed in the workplace but also with my apprenticeship.

Top 3 learning from the week:

  • Growth Reports: At the end of my last blog I mentioned studying growth reports for the East Midlands. The growth reports are split up into areas and in total there are 9, each with the top 50 companies. I found this a really interesting project as it has allowed me to develop my industry knowledge base for the locations in which we operate in.
  • Job Adverts: With my responsibilities steadily on the increase as I learn more, this week I have started to create my own job ads and post them on the website. This is such a pivotal skill to learn and will continue to benefit me throughout my career in recruitment. Alongside this I have also learnt how to then publish the same advert on to different job boards meaning that I am able to reach a wider audience with potential opportunities.
  • IT Coaching: As part of my apprenticeship I must coach colleagues in the use of an IT Skill, I chose to use Hootsuite and the scheduling of posts as my coaching session. The reason for choosing this is because I feel that I can add a really benefit to the workplace and help my colleagues to use their time more efficiently. The coaching went well, and I will be able to use in my portfolio.

Next week will be exciting as I will be looking at recruiting two new roles and formulating a short list, this is going to be a great chance for me to tie all my skills together!


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