Mobile App Trends for 2018

Posted 7/1/2018 by Jack Diston

A new year always brings a sense of excitement along with the aura of a fresh start. Here at RP Analytics, we have moved into our brand new google-esque office along with Dominos Pizza to celebrate.

January has given us a chance to assess the market and where it seems to be heading, with that in mind I would like to point out what to expect in the mobile app space!
According to the Mobile Apps report, 2017 was a volatile year to say the least.

The good? 57% of consumers time using digital media is now spent in apps. The bad? Users aren’t downloading apps anymore. In fact, a majority of users (51%) don’t even download one measly app a month.
Suspect, right? But then, in January of 2018, Apple announced that iOS developers made $26.5 billion in 2017 – a sales increase of 30% from 2016.
That’s more than the annual revenues of big players like Starbucks or McDonald’s. Download Tinder or buy a Big Mac? I know, tough decision.
Something to consider is the meteoric rise of blockchain powered cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, it seemed like everyone wanted to get in on the blockchain bandwagon action towards the end of 2017 and we don’t expect 2018 to be any different.  One problem, it is yet to be determined if blockchain is right for an app, rather than a traditional SQL database.
Then there’s the challenge of synchronizing transaction records among disparate mobile users.  My advice? Invest in Electroneum, this is the first crypto to provide a mobile mining app and its British ;)
What else? 5G IS COMING. 5g is the godfather of wireless networking and is going to be sixty times faster than 4g!
The cloud is back… cloud apps will account for 89% of total mobile traffic in 2018. Storing data in the cloud is great for everyone involved – from users who are mindful of storage space and memory usage on their mobile phone, to businesses who want to keep their confidential data away from prying eyes and in a secure, centralized location.
What Are Your Trends?
I have told you a few of key trends, what about yours? Anything I have missed out on? Be sure to leave us a comment below or reach out to us on social media to let us know!


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