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Posted 19/11/2019 by Olivia Holliday

At the end of last week’s blog, I expressed my hopes for attending the 2019 Midlands Better Business Expo and in fact I did attend the event. It was a great opportunity for me to network and further my skill set.

Top 3 learning points from the week:

  • College: This week at college we studied decision making. We looked at the different methods of decision making and analysed in what situation they would be beneficial and then had to discuss times in which we had made decisions and also challenged them in the workplace. This topic will be extremely beneficial for when I get onto my project and it will help me make the best decisions possible and also to understand the process in which I should follow in order to make the decision.
  • The 2019 Midlands Better Business Expo: On Wednesday morning I attended the 2019 Midlands Better Business Expo in Derby. This was the second event I have attended, and I found it a great experience. It was really interesting to see all the businesses that operate in the area that we cover, and this will be vital in helping to build my knowledge base.
  • CRM System: I learnt a new skill on our CRM system this week which has helped build upon my knowledge and confidence of the system. I was tasked with adding images to blog posts which will then be uploaded to the website. This skill will be great for my apprenticeship as it will help build my portfolio in terms of my IT skills that are used in the workplace.

With next week soon around the corner I am hoping to conduct a 360o appraisal which will help boost my portfolio for my apprenticeship.


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