Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.

Posted 28/10/2019 by Olivia Holliday

This past week has been a great chance for me to showcase my skills that I have been learning throughout my time here at RP Analytics. It’s also given me the opportunity to widen my knowledge through my lessons at college.

Top 3 learning from the week:

  • Stakeholders: This week at college we studied two topics, the first being on stakeholders. I found this really interesting as it made me really consider who our stakeholders are and how we work with them in order to not only achieve but exceed their goals and expectations.  We also looked at the seven principles of stakeholder management and how we implement them into our own roles. These tasks allowed me to also build up my portfolio which will be needed in order to pass my apprenticeship.
  • Supply Chains: The second topic studied was supply chains where we were tasked with researching supply chains that affect our organisations and how our companies manage them. After this we then put our newly learnt knowledge to the test by answering questions on case studies.
  • Sourcing Project: On Wednesday we received 2 roles through that required immediate action in order to help our client to find the required talent as soon as possible. It entailed me helping the team to source candidates relevant for the roles from jobsites. I found this to be a great opportunity for me to showcase the skills that I have leaned so far and to further embed the process.

With next week soon looming I look forward to the opportunity of furthering my knowledge and skill base and to building my portfolio when my college assessor comes in for an office visit. With our charity quiz just around the corner my time next week will be focused on this in order to help make it a great event.


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