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Posted 24/8/2018 by Liam Pallett

So, it’s the end of summer, you’ve been contemplating the idea of a new challenge for several months now. You quite like the idea of new job responsibilities, a new company, fresh faces around you etc. and have finally decided it’s the right time to begin that slightly daunting, but at the same time exciting, job search. You need to update your CV and make sure that the key information regarding your skills and experiences is in there for employers to see, but that really is just the start of it…

As you compile your list of tasks that need completing, you quickly have the realisation that this process is going to involve a lot more effort than you first imagined, you’re not sure if you can be bothered with the hassle and the chances of you landing that life changing, dream job starts to slip away.

This is the reason why you need to get in touch with a RattrayParkin Group recruitment consultant.

Experts in your market!

We recruit data analytics, digital and software development professionals on a daily basis, it’s our job! It’s our responsibility to stay in regular contact with all the local candidates and clients so that we are constantly aware of the changes happening. We know who is leaving what company, how you will stand the best chance of getting an interview, what businesses are on the up and similarly, which businesses may not be doing so well. Candidates are often surprised by how many relevant businesses there are that match their skill set and job preferences in the local area – it’s our job to educate you on this.

Truthful guidance

Clients engage with us because they are searching for a specific type of professional and skills set, we will therefore never put you forward for an opportunity that you are not relevant for. On the flip side of this, you’ll get the guidance and honesty around what roles your skills and experience would suit and where these opportunities can be found, as well as how you stack up against your competition. This can help to refine your job search and any areas of your current skills you might want to focus on developing.

Interview hints and tips

Whilst it’s true that hiring managers interviewing techniques can vary, all interview preparation can benefit from the same fundamental hints and tips. Interviewing can be especially daunting, particularly if it’s for your dream job! RP Analytics consultants meet with each client and go through their interviewing process in detail, often consulting on best practices, this puts us in a perfect position to ensure you’re fully prepped going in to your interview. That extremely powerful insider knowledge is something not to be underestimated!

Your very own, FREE, biggest fan!

Your consultant will promote you to the fullest! You’re both in the same process, working together towards the end goal… landing you your dream job. We’ll identify the key skills, experiences, interpersonal skills etc. that make you relevant for the role and ensure we make these clear to the client whenever we discuss you with them to give you the very best chance.

Lastly, don’t forget that all of this is FREE! You will most likely even get a free coffee (or other drinks are available) out of us too!

All that we ask in return is for an honest and trusting partnership so that we can successfully work together during your time spent job seeking.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!


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