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Posted 15/8/2019 by Max Muirhead

Following on from Rob’s blog regarding working away from the office, this is something we regularly do at RP Group! 


This doesn’t only mean we’re always on holiday making calls and sending emails from a sun lounger, but in our normal working week we aim to meet all our candidates and clients face-to-face wherever is most convenient for them.


There’s only so much we can learn from your CV! 

We understand that not all of our candidates are able to get away from the office or house during their busy schedules to drive to our office in Mountsorrel for a meeting, which is why we are more than happy to go visit them.


Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham and even London are just some of the areas we frequently travel to in order to sit down with the top talent in the market who are seeking a new role. Hotels, pubs or even coffee shops are great places for an informal conversation surrounding the candidates and their profiles.


An initial screening phone call is always carried out with all candidates, however the meeting in person allows us to thoroughly understand their experiences and themselves as professionals. A meeting will be a huge benefit to the candidates as we will then be able to confidently and effectively promote their profiles to our clients.


Job description alone just is not enough! 

After receiving a briefing of a new role from a new client the next step would be to source the relevant candidates. The client needs to be convinced that the shortlisted candidates are right for the company, however the candidates need to be convinced that the company is right for them as well!


Briefly explaining the team size and company plans via phone or email are a good starting point, although our consultants need to physically see the company where the prospective candidates could end up working. This allows them to get an in-depth understanding of the company’s working environment and culture, as well as getting to know the people already working in the team. So other than giving the candidates an overview of the company’s profile, we will be able to enthusiastically be able to outline any other details that might not be specified on the website.


The best candidates are guaranteed to be approached regularly by agencies and companies about numerous opportunities, so it will come down to the overall appeal of the company and opportunity, not just the salary. A 30-minute meeting with your RP consultant will save you time in the long run as they will have all of the information required to do justice to your brand when speaking to candidates in the market, which will in turn ensure they can deliver you the perfect candidates for your requirement. 


If you’d like to know more, or book a meeting with an RP consultant today then get in touch! 


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