6 weeks as a Recruitment Apprentice

Posted 7/8/2019 by Olivia Holliday

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!”

As my sixth week ends, I think back to when I started and can’t believe how much I’ve learnt so far on my journey. At the end of last week’s blog, I mentioned the possibility of phoning candidates, check out point one to see how contacting candidates went and what I learnt. 

Top 3 learning from the week:

1.Candidate Search and Contact: For this task I was given a live role, I started by creating a Boolean search and using this to find candidates on various job boards. When I had a selection of candidates, I then contacted them with information on the position in which I felt was suitable to their skillset. I found this task extremely beneficial for my learning as it gave me a real insight for the initial stages of filling a role. These skills that I acquired in this task will form the foundations of my career in recruitment as these are the first steps that will be vital to the recruitment process as a whole. 

2.Hiring Preference: On the CRM system that we use to store our database of clients there is a tab called hiring preferences. This week I have been learning by how having the hiring preferences set up you can really enhance the databases quality. Hiring preferences allows information to be gathered such as: locations, what departments they work in, whether the company recruits for permanent or contractor roles and what technologies they use. By setting the hiring preferences up correctly it allows you to easily be able to see what each client requires out of their next hire. You can also search clients by their hiring preferences so by ensuring that these are set up you can simplify the search process, therefore making the process more efficient. This can also be done for candidates alike.

3.Using our CRM System as a Log: This key learning point links back to number 1 where I discussed contacting candidates. On our CRM system there is the ability to log the contact that has been made. After contact has been made and with a candidate’s permission, we are able to register them on the system and as discussed in the above point set their hiring preferences. Alongside this we are also able to log the contact between us and the candidate. This could be a phone call or meeting minutes. This trail of communication is really important as it creates a timeline for the candidates process and ensures that everyone involved is up to date with the candidate’s progress. 

With holiday leave the next couple of weeks, I will be reflecting on a great 6 weeks here so far. On my return I will be looking forward to learning everything Recruitment and starting my college course!


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