What makes a good recruitment consultant

Posted 7/8/2019 by Rob Parkin

Packed and ready to go. Got passport, sun tan lotion, flip flops, wayfarers, laptop and mobile phone…. Ready for holidays!


Boarding the plane. Check for emails before switching to Airplane Mode. Landed - switch from airplane mode. Any emails, texts or voicemails? Arrive at villa - does anyone know the Wi-Fi code? Why doesn’t anyone know the Wi-Fi code!! Ok - panic over - Wi-Fi code discovered. First G&T on the patio - any emails, texts or voicemails?


With the way modern technology drives the world of work, the ability to switch off and forget work is practically zero, but we still have a choice, don’t we?


We can easily leave our tech at home or put it in a drawer when we arrive on holiday? We don’t though do we, as we can’t let go and we certainly don’t want anyone else handling our workloads for us. We’ll make sure that our work is done from Portugal instead!!


Today, I have spoken to clients and candidates, picked up a new role to recruit and have arranged final interviews for a Finance Director job. The only difference is that I’m sat on my sun-lounger rather than in my office and my down-time is spent throwing the kids into the swimming pool or shouting at the kids for throwing each other into the swimming pool.


The world of recruitment is a much smaller place now anyway. So far this year I’ve recruited on my home patch – the Midlands. I’ve recruited nationally; Liverpool, London and Bridlington to name a few and I’ve recruited internationally France and Germany and very nearly Italy but that didn’t get over the line. It doesn’t matter where my clients are based as the mechanism and methodology to recruit is exactly the same. I can recruit anywhere and practically anything, so conversely it must work the other way, mustn’t it? If I can recruit for anyone anywhere it doesn’t matter where I’m based - in the office, at home, from the golf course or on holiday.


A good recruitment consultant will always be available, will always be in control and will not switch their laptop or mobile and therefore their mind off!


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