Keeping things ticking over during the holiday season

Posted 2/8/2019 by Kirith Richards

I appreciate that these tip’s might be a bit too late for this year given that we’re already at the 1st of August, however planning ahead can be the difference between making a great hire and missing out altogether.

Planning can eliminate a large proportion of the recruitment stress. Planning means you can prepare and as we all know, not preparing is as good as preparing to fail!

Going, Going, GONE!

Here at RattrayParkin, we know full well how quickly the interim / temp market can move, almost too quickly at times. This means, as a hiring manager, you need to know when you require a temp solution, as you will need to be proactive in securing the right candidate.

The transition period for temp candidates can be as little as 24 hours, and this includes the interview! Therefore, if you leave the recruitment process until last minute, you are then fighting over top tier talent and could miss out. Good candidates are in jobs!

Are you free?

We believe building relationships with candidates is very important, even more so in the temp / interim market. We need to know everything that is going on. Holidays, interviews, other opportunities, you name it, we need to know. We aren’t being nosey; we just need to know so we can represent the candidate to the best of our ability. If we know the candidate’s full availability, we can plan ahead for them and ensure they have a new role secured ready for when their current project finishes.

Summer loving, happened so fast…

Summer holidays usually last 1 week, 2 weeks or even 4 weeks for those luck few, but can your business afford to have those desks empty during this time? That’s where RattrayParkin come in. We are here to ensure your business carries on operating at its full potential whilst you and your employees are enjoying the summer sun. We can offer interim and temp solutions from 1 day to 12 months.

Get in touch to find out how we have you covered this summer …


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