The Fastest route to be where you want to be is full dedication to where you are right now

Posted 27/7/2019 by Olivia Holliday

“The Fastest route to be where you want to be is full dedication to where you are right now.”

At the end of last week’s blog, I shared my hopes of further pursuing my case study, which in fact I have progressed with! My 5thweek had been really insightful, and I feel that my top 3 learning points for the week have been really beneficial not only for my apprenticeship but for the wider picture of a career in recruitment.

Top 3 learning from the week:

  • Client Meeting: The case study project in which I have been working on over the last couple of weeks progressed this week and this project enabled me to attend my first client meeting. During the meeting we shared our insight findings and it allowed the client to gain a better image of what the candidates looking for the role: currently do, expect from their salary and how long they have been in their current position. After this we were then given a tour of the client’s offices. For me this was the most beneficial part of the meeting as it gave us a real feel of the office culture, which these days is such an important factor when considering a new career, so by being exposed to this it will really help with the recruitment process in order for us to find the client the best possible talent. 
  • Social Media: Recently I have been given the responsibility of the company LinkedIn pages. In light of this I have been looking at how we could improve our engagement. This week I have been creating content that we can share on a weekly basis such as #mondaymotivation and #thursdaythoughts. On a Wednesday we will be sharing our industry wisdom and knowledge in the form of a weekly blog for #wednesdaywisdom. Next week we will be starting a new competition, so follow RPAnalytics on Linkedin to find out how to enter!
  • Scheduling Posts: As part of my responsibility for the company LinkedIn pages comes the task of posting job ads and events that we sponsor. In order to make this more efficient and effective in terms of gaining the most exposure for the content we share, I have been learning how to use social media scheduling tools. These are brilliant and after a quick intro are so simple to use but enable you to gain the most exposure for the content that you share. 

Next week I am hoping to explore the different avenues of recruitment with the possibility of learning how to phone candidates and maybe putting these new skills into practice. 


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