The best way to predict the future is to create it

Posted 15/7/2019 by Olivia Holliday

With further developed skill sets, I feel my confidence growing meaning I can begin to carry  out tasks independently, helping me to build an understanding with how the recruitment process works, from start to end! 

My top 3 learning points for week 3 are:

  • CV Searching:CV searching is an integral role of being a recruiter as it is this skill that facilitates you the ability to place candidates in a role. Using a range of platforms (LinkedIn, Reed and Total) I created a Boolean to search for candidates with the specified skills which lived in a location that made them a viable fit for the role. 
  • Shopping Lists: What is referred to as a shopping list, is compilation of candidates highlighting their key skills and achievements. This goes out clients and allows them to identify who is available for new roles. 
  • Charity Event: A continuation from last week, we have started to promote our Charity Quiz Night in aid of Parkinson’s. This week we have confirmed a venue, created promotional material and organising fundraising materials. For more information, follow RattrayParkin Group on LinkedIn!

In touching distance of next week, I am hoping that I will continue my learning of the recruitment industry as I place my skills into a case study project.


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