A new apprentice at RP Group

Posted 3/7/2019 by Olivia Holliday

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

No matter who you ask, everybody that’s ever started a new job would admit to being nervous yet excited at the idea of a new beginning, which in my case was no different! After completing my first week at RP Analytics I can tell you that I was wrong to be nervous, I was welcomed with open arms by the team and it now feels like I have always been here!

My first week consisted of the basics: introductions, policies and training, to name but a few. Here is my top 3 learning points from the week:

  • Desk research task: On my first day I was given the task to create a presentation, researching the desks that RP Analytics specialises on, I chose to focus on 3 which were: business intelligence, marketing & insight and project delivery. In my presentation I focused on technologies and programmes used, organisational structures within businesses and specialisms within the sector. The task allowed me to gain a general industry knowledge base which will aid my learning and work throughout my time in recruitment. 
  • 1stCandidate meeting: I attended my first candidate meeting with Brogan, and it was great to see how these meetings work. I found it extremely beneficial to find out first hand how important these face to face meetings are in order to find the candidate  their dream job. It also helps ensure that the candidates new role matches their professional skills and makes sure that they are culturally the perfect fit for the business.
  • Boolean searches: learning how to do a Boolean search was a vital learning point of my week. I feel this will be key to my success in recruitment to ensure that, for example I am able to find the best candidates possible for the role.

With next week soon approaching, I am positive about continuing my journey here at RP Analytics. I am hoping to put my newly learnt skills to practice and continue to build my knowledge base of the industry.


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