Why you should always meet your recruitment partner before engaging in a new recruitment process

Posted 1/7/2019 by Liam Pallett

Why you should always meet your recruitment partner before engaging in a new recruitment process

On occasion, we are sometimes engaged in recruitment assignments with new clients that cannot spare the time to meet with us face to face. Whilst we completely understand that people have hectic work diaries with a lot of commitments throughout their working week, we also really do believe that the initial investment of just a small amount of time can really benefit you as the client in the long run. 

What happens at the meeting? 

Your chosen RP Analytics consultant will meet you at your offices at a time that is convenient to you. The meeting should last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and is a fantastic opportunity for you to tell and show your consultant everything they need to know about your business. A brief tour of the offices to give them an idea of layout and culture is important; in the increasingly competitive market of Data Analytics & Tech talent the office and culture is of utmost importance when trying to sell your business & opportunity. 

Once you’ve discussed this then you can get into the nitty gritty of your specific requirement with your RP Analytics expert. All of our consultants invest heavily in their own learning & development through regularly meeting professionals for coffees, reading books and online as well as attending user groups and other networking events, this enables us to truly understand your requirements and any difficulties you may face when searching for specific skill sets and experience. 

Why does this benefit you as the client? 

  • Ensure we do your company brand justice! 
    • Your recruitment consultant will be able to confidently represent you and your company’s brand in the marketplace once they are fully equipped with all of the information necessary. 
  • Save yourself time, money & additional stress and workload! 
    • By investing the time initially, you will save the additional time and money it costs you or one of your team to filter through CVs that are ‘almost right’ or totally incorrect as your consultant will have gained a level of knowledge that cannot be obtained over email/ phone. We will then have extensively screened each candidate so that we are confident they fully match your criteria before sending them and wasting any time or efforts. 
  • A personal touch to build a strong relationship and yield the best results! 
    • A face to face meeting allows all parties to build a strong relationship, your consultant can also briefly meet the team and get an understanding of the team dynamics. This personal approach also allows for a more in-depth discussion where we can provide guidance & advice, talk over any previous frustrations and ensure we build a strong partnership going forward. 
  • Make sure you hire the top % of talent available in the current market! 
    • Now that you’ve given your commitment to the consultant, we are able to run a thorough recruitment campaign to ensure that we approach and speak to as many candidates as possible. This means that the final short list of candidates you receive are guaranteed to be in the top % of all available in the current market. 

If you would like to discuss how RP Analytics can help you with your next important requirement then please get in touch today to arrange a meeting.

www.rp-analytics.co.uk– 01509 854107 – liam@rp-analytics.co.uk



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