RP Tech

Welcome to RP Tech. This is for Software, Web, Application Development, and Technology Sales professionals. It is perhaps one of the most competitive spaces to attract talent at the moment. We have extensive tools at our disposal including world-class processes, and digital strategies which position us as leaders and allow us to attract the top talent to our client requirements. 


Jack Diston

Jack's interest in software development started at University and Jack has spent his time at RP Tech building a network of like-minded individuals. With a number of senior and strategic relationships, spanning a variety of tools, Jack is exceptionally well placed to recruit these niche skill sets.

Jack places Software, Web and Application Development professionals with salaries ranging from £25,000 to Director level.

Specialties Include;

  • Client - Consultation on Software requirements, "difficult to fill" roles. Headhunt/Search and Selection
  • Candidate - Impartial advice, CV and Interview assistance, career consultancy